Top Exporting Cities of Turkey in 2019

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) announced that in 2019 Turkey’s export was 180.4 billion dollars with an increase of 2% compared to the previous year. Both the export encouragement of the government and all the exporter companies have a major role in this increment.
In our article, we focused on the top exporting cities of Turkey in 2019.
You can see in detail the export figures of 2019 by cities, the exchange ratio compared the previous year and their share in total export in 2019.

Istanbul was placed on the top, as it has always been. Istanbul’s total export figure was 70 billion dollars in 2019. Although it decreased by 2.77% in exports compared to the previous year, it continued to rank in the first place and formed 42% of the total export. It is surely beyond doubt that the 8th Organized Industrial Zone in Istanbul has a high-valued share in that export. The top sector in the export of Istanbul in 2019 was the Apparel and Garment Industry with 12.2 billion dollars of export. Chemical Substances and Products ranked in second place with the export of 9.8 billion dollars.

Other sectors in Istanbul's export which surpassed 1 billion dollars are; Steel, Automotive Industry, Electric-Electronic, Iron and non-ferrous substances, Jewelry, Textile, and Textile Raw Materials, Machines and Machine Equipment, Furniture, Paper, and Forestry Products, Cereals-Legumes-Oil Seeds and Their Products, Climatization Industry, Cement-Glass-Ceramic, and Soil Products, Mining Products, Leather and Leather Products.

It is also necessary to point out that when analyzed by cities, the reason that Istanbul’s export being that much high is that most of the exported products go through customs from Istanbul since the head offices are based in Istanbul.

Kocaeli was the second city following Istanbul's export of 70 Billion dollars. In 2019, Kocaeli increased its export by 7.87% to 15.2 billion dollars in total compared to the previous year. The export share of Kocaeli in total exports was 9.18% in 2019. In this export of 15.2 billion dollars, the biggest product group was the Automotive Industry with 6.8 Billion Dollars. The second biggest product group in the export of Kocaeli was Chemical Products. It was announced that the Chemical Products export of Kocaeli in 2019 reached 4.6 billion dollars. It should also be noted that the export of Gebze which is the Industrial district of Kocaeli has a major share in that export too. Gebze consists of 9 Organized Industrial Zones in total.

In the third place, we see Bursa as one of the most exporting cities in Turkey. In 2019, Bursa reached to the level of 14.9 billion dollars of export in total. Increasing its export by 12.7% compared to the previous year, Bursa formed 9% of the total export figure. The top product group in Bursa's export was the Automotive Industry. The total export value of this product group in 2019 was 8.3 million dollars. This figure also forms 56% of the total export of Bursa. The fact that some of the major companies such as OYAK Renault, Tofaş, Bosch and Karsan are operating in Bursa has a significant role in the Automotive Industry export of Bursa. The closest sector to the automotive Industry was the Apparel and Garment Industry with 1.5 billion dollars of export.


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