The Importance of Digital Expos

Trade shows has always been one of the most powerful marketing channels that engage a highly motivated audience in a face-to-face environment. Through trade shows, companies can reach their target audiences with a single organization, promote their products and services, and reach their potential customers. With the effect of the initiative about the liberalization of global trade after the Second World War, international trade has also moved in a different direction. Particularly in developing business relations in international markets, the impact of trade shows has been very significant. There were big obstacles that companies were facing while entering into a different market, positioning their products in those market conditions and reaching the target audience. International trade shows made easy to overcome these obstacles and made a great contribution to companies to take the first step towards opening into global markets.

Trade shows, which is one of the traditional marketing channels, have been significantly transformed from the past to the present, and have always tried to give what is expected, developed in accordance with the needs of the sectors and the expectations of the target audience. It is very important for trade shows to meet the expectations of the exhibitors and visitors so that the trade show can be repeated and attracted by exhibitors and visitors.

The technology which has developed day by day and touched many points in our lives has also started to affect the trade show sector as well as affecting most other sectors. Thanks to the digitalizing world, we see that many business lines that were much more challenging in the past have become effortless by keeping up with this digital transformation. In the trade show sector, the concept of Digital Expo / E-Expo has emerged that will provide a more advantageous and cost-effective trade show environment for both exhibitors and visitors.

What is a Digital Expo?

A digital expo is an online event where companies can display their goods & services and reach out to new potential clients just like a physical trade show.

Exhibitor companies come together on a single platform and welcome visitor companies just by being online. Visitor companies browse around the website, get information from the exhibitor companies about the goods & services they are interested and may hold meetings with company executives.

It is possible to say that digital expos will be more popular day by day and will become a significant part of the marketing activities of companies, just like traditional trade shows. Especially in recent years where commercial borders between countries have disappeared and the value of time weighs more with each passing day, companies that want to increase efficiency, reduce costs and save time, are becoming the pioneers of these digital expos; either as exhibitor or visitor.

Here are the advantages of Digital Expos for exhibitors and visitors:


Advantages of Digital Expos for Exhibitor Companies

  • The opportunity to reach more clients by increasing brand awareness
  • Creating a new marketing channel
  • Reaching the target audience through a single platform
  • Opportunity to promote new products and services
  • Reaching new markets easily
  • To increase productivity by optimizing the expenses
  • Strengthening the image of an innovative and technology-oriented company
  • Opportunity to measure the effect of the expo, number of visitors and meetings, and having a feedback
  • Opportunity to expand your network by meeting new business partners


Advantages of Digital Expos for Visitor Companies

  • Cost and time savings
  • More efficient trade show process thanks to the previously planned agenda
  • The opportunity to communicate more easily and quickly with companies who provide the products and services you are looking for
  • Opportunity to expand the client and business partner network
  • The opportunity to discover the latest developments and innovations in the industry effortlessly
  • Strengthening the image of an innovative and technology-oriented company
  • Opportunity to participate in free workshops and trainings


In addition to finding new clients, digital expos are a very useful channel for establishing new business partnerships. Thanks to digital expos, companies can easily carry out the communication that will take their possible business relations one step further from anywhere with a computer or a mobile device that has the necessary infrastructure and Internet connection. This facility is attractive to many companies, and it is preferred because the costs they have to spend to find new clients are much lower when compared to traditional trade shows.

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