Support for Improving International Competitiveness (UR-GE Support)

The Ministry of Commerce offers many support programs to increase the export capacities of exporter companies, to enable SMEs to turn towards exports and make them more competitive and open to international markets.

One of those provided supports is the Support for Developing International Competitiveness. UR-GE (the Turkish acronyms of Developing International Competitiveness) projects are a support system where companies learn to compete while collaborating.

It is ensured that companies that produce quality products but not familiar with exports or exporting at the beginning level or already exporting and want to diversify their markets act together within the framework of the cluster business logic. UR-GE Projects aim to enable SMEs to open into foreign markets effectively by developing their competitiveness in international markets with a cluster business approach.

UR-GE Projects have a wide range of sectors ranging from the solar energy industry to furniture, from fresh fruits and vegetables to jewelry, from electrical electronics to the seed industry.


Cooperation Organizations That Benefit from the UR-GE Support:

  • Exporters' Associations
  • Industry / Trade Chambers
  • The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK)
  • Technology Development Zones
  • Organized Industrial Zones
  • Industry Zones
  • Sectoral Manufacturer Associations
  • Sectoral Foreign Trade Companies
  • Associations, Corporations or Cooperatives Established by Manufacturers



Operations Within Support System:

  1. Employing a project manager to effectively executing the project and all the activities that will take place in the project, developing collaborations between companies and providing information transfer,
  2. Needs analysis activity in which sectoral dynamics are analyzed at different scales (global, national and regional), and the needs for competition and export are determined by making firm analysis,
  3. Promotion activity in which joint logo, website and other promotional materials prepared by conducting corporate identity work for the promotion of companies abroad,
  4. Training and consultancy activities to improve the competition and export capacities of companies in the light of the determined needs,
  5. Foreign marketing and procurement committee activities carried out for target markets determined by needs analysis,


the process that starts with common needs analysis in the UR-GE projects continues with common learning and marketing activities. In the process of needs analysis, each company participating in the project is scanned one by one, the status of their sectors is evaluated, and export road maps of the clusters are created.

In this way, SMEs learn how to achieve their own goals in cooperation with a common vision and a common perspective.

Joint learning and co-marketing activities are carried out for the project participant companies to be able to develop their production capacities and to open into new markets.

In UR-GE projects, participating companies benefit from training and consultancy activities that will increase their competitiveness. With the international marketing activities carried out within the scope of the project, they can open into the markets that they could not open into with their own means, and within the scope of the procurement committee activities, they find the opportunity to host their potential customers in their production facilities. Thus, companies operating in the same sector learn to act together, to find common solutions to their common problems and take steps to create regional power in the international platform.


How much support is available within the scope of UR-GE?

During a UR-GE project, the provided supports are; up to $ 400,000 for needs analysis, training and/or consultancy activities, up to $ 150,000 per activity for overseas marketing activities, and up to $ 100,000 per activity for procurement committees. Also, the employment expense of the two employees maximum to be employed by the cooperation institution for project coordination is supported by 75%.

Who Can Apply for UR-GE Support?

collective, limited partnership, joint-stock, limited liability and cooperative companies which are operating in industrial and/or commercial field specified in the Article numbered 124 of Turkish Commercial Code, and which are members of cooperation organizations (Turkey Exporters Assembly, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Foreign Economic Relations Board, Association of Exporters, Chambers of Commerce and/or Industry, Organized Industrial Zones, Industrial Zones, Technology Development Zones, Industry Associations and Organizations, Sectoral Foreign Trade Companies (SFTC), Commodity Exchanges, Employers' Unions, and associations, unions, and cooperatives established by manufacturers can apply for the UR-GE support.


Where to Apply for UR-GE Support?

Turkish Ministry of Commerce, General Directorate of Exports, Directorate of SME and Cluster Support Department


Source:, Ministry of Commerce, Government Supports Guide

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