Government Support For The Service Sector

When it comes to exports, people are generally referring to product exports. However, service exports are an important trend in global trade and it brings high foreign currency inflow to Turkey.

 The service exports which show an increase every year globally is less affected by the problems in the global trade compared to the exports of goods. Since 1980, it is seen that in 10-year periods, the growth rates of service exports are more than the exports of goods, and world service exports have less fluctuation when compared to the exports of goods.

In order to increase the service income and to improve the competitive power of service sectors, the Turkish Ministry of Trade provides support programs for the service sector. The Turkish Ministry of Trade carries out several government support programs which include broad support elements for the technical consultancy sector since 2010, and for other service sectors in which Turkey is very competitive and shows high potential, since 2011. Within the support programs; health tourism, informatics, movies - tv series, education, management consultancy, real estate, publishing, transportation, logistics, gastronomy, retail, accommodation sectors are supported with different support elements to the related sectors.


The institutions and organizations, which operate in the service sector, are qualified in 3 stages according to their maturity levels.

  1. Preparation for export
  2. Marketing
  3. Branding

Support programs for the 3 stages mentioned above are detailed below:

  1. Preparation for export: Companies that have not yet opened to foreign markets or whose internationalization levels are at the beginning level can benefit from the support of the "Service Sector Competitiveness Project" along with reporting and consultancy, market-entry documents, and service/brand registration supports.
  2. Marketing: For the marketing and promotion policy in the market, companies can benefit from advertising and promotion, trade fair participation, foreign units, agency commission, trade and purchasing committee supports.


Besides; the support programs also include the support elements organized in line with the special needs of the service sectors. Within this concept;

  • In the health tourism sector; transportation & interpreting costs of patients and domestic promotion/education support
  • In the movies/tv series sector; foreign marketing, film plateau/studio usage, product/brand/image positioning supports
  • In the IT sector; game/application development, commission, and market entry supports
  • In the education sector, domestic promotion/education support is provided.


       3. Branding: Institutions and organizations that create high add-value in service exports by performing branded exports can benefit from the Brand and TURQUALITY® Support Programs.

Source: Ministry of Commerce - The Guide of Government Supports

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