Government Export Assistance Programs

Exporting is a commercial phenomenon that affects businesses and the economy of their country. Looking at the leading exporting countries, we can see clearly that their economic structure is advanced. In this context, a crucial aspect of this process is the encouragement and support from the government to the companies that export or want to export. All countries around the world are offering government assistance to their own exporter companies.

Due to huge document piles and the process being critical and open to abuse, it is important to emphasize that government assistance is given as a result of a certain bureaucratic process.

The government export assistance program in Turkey is as below;


  1. Market Research and Market Penetration Assistance in Turkey
  • Foreign Market Research Support
  • E-commerce Website Membership Support
  • Sectoral Commerce and Procurement Committee
  • Report Buying Support
  • Purchasing Corporations That Operates Overseas - Counselor Support
  • Purchasing Corporations with High Technology That Operates Overseas - Counselor Support
  • Purchasing Brand of Corporations That Operates Overseas

  1. Support of Market Penetration Documents in Turkey
  • Market Penetration Documents
  • Global Supply Chain Competency Projects


  1. Support of Development of International Rivalry in Turkey
  • Development of International Rivalry Projects (Information & Documents)


  1. Buyer’s Credit to Exporters and Support of Insurance Indemnity in Turkey


  1. Support of Trade Show Attendance in Turkey


  • Out-of-State Trade Shows which are included in 2020 Supports
  • Target Countries
  • Out-of-State Trade Shows Support Upper Limits
  • Trade Show Organizers
  • Sectoral Qualified Domestic Trade Shows for Support in 2020


  1. Branding and Turquality Support in Turkey
  • Expenses of patent, utility model, industrial design and trademark registration,
  • Expenses of certification,
  • Expenses of Employment of Fashion/Industrial product designer/Chef/Cook,
  • Promotion, advertising, and marketing activities,
  • Expenses related to out-of-state units,
  • Expenses of consulting (management, projection, law, informatics)


  1. Support of Out-of-State Units, Trademark and Promotion in Turkey

According to the notice numbered 2010/6 "Notice About Supporting Out - of-State Units, Trademark and Promotion," the government supports the expenses of promotions held overseas, the renting of out-of-state units of companies and Collaboration Institutions, and the expenses of registering trademarks.

Also, as a result of the alteration made in the aforementioned notice and published in the Official Gazette on 12 December 2014, the required legal infrastructure has been created for the establishment of Turkey Trade Centers (TTC). With this support that has come into operation, a multidimensional support mechanism from which our companies may benefit from the leadership of Collaboration Institutions was created to empower the distribution channels in related markets.


  1. Support of Projection in Turkey

According to the "Notice About Support of Design," the expenses of promotion advertisement, marketing, jobs, patent, utility model, registration of an industrial design, consultancy and the expenses related to the units that will be opened overseas will be covered.


  1. The assistance of Export Refund in Agricultural Products in Turkey



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