From Traditional Trade Shows to Digital Expos

Trade shows, which are an indispensable part of international trade, have been developed with the liberalization of trade in the world and gained more importance each passing day.

What is a Trade Show?

A trade show is an exhibition that brings together members of a particular sector to display and promote their goods and services.

Trade shows are generally held at regular intervals and in the same exhibition centers within the previously determined schedules. Trade shows can be organized specifically for a single line of business, as well as a single field of ​​a particular line of business, or they can be organized for all kinds of products and services. Exhibitors and organizations at a trade show can create their exhibition booths, hold meetings with their visitors, and promote their products and services, using their corporate colors and various visuals within their booths. Thanks to the newly established business relationships, companies can find new clients, promote their products, increase their brand awareness and have the opportunity to open into new markets.

Many exporter companies can have government support for participating in international trade shows.

Trade shows differ among themselves principally by their types. Below, you can see the different types of trade shows.


  • Horizontal Trade Shows: These are the trade shows where agriculture, industry and different consumer goods are exhibited all together.
  • Vertical Trade Shows: These are the trade shows where products or services on a sectoral basis are exhibited depending on the target audience.
  • Consumer Trade Shows: These are the trade shows that target all types of consumers and have the purpose of display and sale.
  • Integrated Trade Shows: These are the trade shows including sub-branches related to the products or services along with the main product or service.
  • Solo Trade Shows: These are the trade shows that are organized by a single country in another country.
  • Regional Trade Shows: These are the trade shows that are organized on a regional basis and by the visitors of that particular region.
  • National Trade Shows: These are the trade shows in which the companies from different countries except the host country's companies are not allowed to participate.
  • International Trade Shows: These are the tradeshows in which many different countries participate and where all participating companies exhibit with their own means.
  • Expo Organizations: Expos are the organizations where the economic, cultural and technological values of the countries are presented and which undergo about 6 months, repeated every 3 to 5 years.


The Importance of Trade Shows

Trade shows are of great importance for the companies to transmit their products or services to different circles. As it is usually organized on a sectoral basis, the target audience is precise and companies have the opportunity to express themselves easily to their target audience. Thus, companies get the opportunity to reach directly to their target audience.

Considering the market conditions and competitive environment of today, consumers are now aware of the fact that the same product or service is available at different prices and qualities. Determining their consumption needs on their own, they make a thorough research to get the product that is the most suitable for them at the lowest price. One of the most effective ways of interacting with consumers who have the freedom of choosing between these alternatives, and to create brand awareness is to participate in trade shows.

Besides, it is very important to participate in sectoral trade shows to learn about the new technologies and the latest developments in the sector, keeping up with the market and to take global steps. Trade shows bring together numerous companies in the related sector. Thus, while different companies get the opportunity to connect and communicate, they also have an opportunity to develop a relationship with their customers.


Digital Expos

Digital expos are becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to communicate with other companies quickly and effectively, exhibiting their innovations, products or services to mass audiences online. It is of great importance for the continuity of the business lines that every business line adapts to this digitalization and transformation in our globalizing world. Likewise, the adaptation of the companies to this transformation allows them not to fall behind the age, and it also contributes to their companies because the technology increases the efficiency of the business. Together with the digitalization of the world, besides the benefits of trade shows, the costs and benefits provided against these costs have begun to be compared. Thus, the idea of a digital expo has emerged. Digital expos are a concept that is organized just like traditional trade shows but does not have extra cost burdens for exhibitor and visitor companies.

A digital expo is an online event where companies can display their goods & services and reach out to new potential clients just like a physical trade show. Exhibitor companies come together on a single platform and welcome visitor companies just by being online. Visitors can also get information for the products and services they are interested in participating in the digital expo through the same platform and visiting the companies they would like to meet. Exhibitor companies can improve their business relations and find new potential clients easily through holding meetings that they can organize. Unlike traditional trade shows digital expos offer many advantages to exhibitors and visitors. Here are some of the advantages of digital expos:


  • No costs such as booth construction fee, food, travel and accommodation costs, booth-catering
  • No need to travel between cities or countries to participate in the expo and to hold meetings with the companies.
  • Available 24/7 without any time or place limits
  • Opportunity to create an expo agenda and a meeting schedule without getting lost amongst the booths
  • Possibility to participate in the expo from any place with any device which has an uninterrupted internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam

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