Foreign Market Research Support for Exporters in Turkey

It is very important for the companies who would like to export or the exporting companies who would like to open into new markets to analyze in detail the market where they will introduce their products. Each market contains different elements that have separate dynamics within where the buying habits of people differ. Companies can foresee the opportunities and risks in the market by making market research in detail for the products that they will introduce to foreign markets.
Thanks to the Foreign Market Research Support offered by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, exporters in Turkey can get support for the expenses they encounter while conducting their market research.
The purpose of this support is; to support the overseas market research trips of companies to create new export markets and increase our market share in traditional markets. With this support, companies in Turkey are provided to increase their knowledge and experience regarding the target markets they want to export and to conduct business negotiations with their potential customers abroad.

So, which companies in Turkey can apply for foreign market research support?

The collective, commandite, joint-stock, limited and cooperative companies engaged in industrial and/or commercial activities specified in the 124 numbered article of the Turkish Commercial Code, can apply to the Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Commerce in the cities where they are located for the foreign market research support.

How much and which type of supports are provided within the scope of Foreign Market Research in Turkey?

Within the scope of a foreign market research trip, the expenses of economy class aircraft, train, ship and bus ticket used for international and intercity transportation for maximum 2 employees, the car rental expenses not exceeding 50 US dollars per day, and accommodation (room + breakfast) expenses not exceeding 150 US dollars per person, are supported. Except for the day departure and arrival days from/to Turkey, 10 (ten) days maximum abroad and 10 foreign market maximum research trips in a calendar year are supported.

Source: Ministry of Commerce - The Guide of Government Supports

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