Export Marketing

While exporting we actively use marketing channels to transmit our products to out-of-state buyers. Except for the marketing channels for domestic sales, we should specify the marketing strategies according to the market dynamics of the country that the export will be done.

Many factors such as rivalry in the market, activities of the current companies and market shares should be analyzed in detail.

In today’s foreign trade, classic and old-style operations have given their place to the modern and up-to-date operations that remove the boundaries between countries. Creating a marketing plan by adapting to current trends will move your company a step forward.


While planning the target market and the marketing activities required for that market, it is crucial to determine the criteria such as the quality and the cost of the product, delivery, logistics conditions and the suitability to target customers.

After determining the details of export and the product, a good and up-to-date strategy should be executed by analyzing the magnitude of the market, the demographic features of the target audience and their purchasing habits.

After defining this strategy, the question to be answered is how the product / the service will be transmitted to the target market.


The product could be transmitted to the market in 3 ways:

  • Directly to the consumer
  • To the consumer through wholesalers
  • To the consumer through retailers


We also should include social media usage and digital marketing tools in marketing strategies. By this means, not only you introduce your products or services to your target audience but also you to create potential customer demand by catching the interest of your target audience in your product or brand.

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