B2B Customer Experience Trends

The Customer Experience (CX) grows in importance day by day. To offer an impeccable customer experience to their customers, brands are improving themselves by focusing on customer experience management.

So, where should we start the process of the customer experience system? What are the key points of B2B Customer Experience? What are the small details that will feature your brand? Let's take a look together at those key points.

Brands have changed the direction of their marketing activities. Along with caring about the service and the product itself, they are also focusing on the experience that customers would like to have while purchasing goods or services.

The customer experience that needs to be planned, starting from the moment that customers contact the brand includes technical support before, during and after-sales, return procedures and remarketing steps that provide reconnecting with the customers.

Most powerful brands map out a Customer Experience Journey to offer its customers a perfect customer experience. All methods that customers prefer while contacting the brand and all scenarios should be tested with the Customer Experience Journey Mapping. All methods that customers prefer should be analyzed and it is also necessary to plan a process for each method that will get the experience to a perfect level.


In B2B business model, both buyer and seller parts are companies. In B2B business model, marketing strategies differ from B2C business model in most points.

In B2B, buying processes can rather be long and complicated, and may require more technical information comparing to B2C. Also, after-sales services are as much important as before sales in B2B business model.

While B2B has that much of a complicated system, planning the customer experience processes for B2B customers can also make things more challenging.


As it is in B2C marketing, focusing on a customer-oriented marketing strategy is also important in B2B. Whether our customer is end users or companies, the customer should always be our main objective. With the ever-increasing e-commerce volume in our global world, the change in the direction of trade, and the digitalization process in our lives; to be one step ahead from their competitors, many companies make serious investments that will strengthen the link between them and their customers.

According to Forrester, B2B e-commerce volume is expected to reach 1.2 trillion dollars in 2021. During this increment, the brands that will offer an impeccable customer experience will undoubtedly stand out.

To create a great customer experience; first, we should think about and focus on Artificial Intelligence and how can we integrate our company into that system. Data that can be processed with artificial intelligence can be used in customization to support completing customer buying processes by making website customizations, customer-specific suggestions and sending instant notifications.

Omni Channel Marketing is another key point for customer experience. Your customer companies can contact you through different channels. No matter through which channel they reach out to your company, with omnichannel marketing, you can provide your customers with a system that can identify them by remembering all activities they had actualized before, and that can offer them a resumable experience.

International Marketing provides companies an opportunity to open into global markets and strengthen the communication between their already existing foreign customers. Particularly the companies who are active in the e-commerce field should plan and design their e-commerce websites or their e-shops on online marketplaces that enable them to reach foreign customers according to customer experience-oriented systems. Mobile device usage has a significant ratio in the purchasing experiences of both companies and end-users. The compatibility of the investments made by companies in this field for mobile use should also be considered. Localization has an important role in international marketing. The effectiveness of international marketing activities will increase depending on the values ​​of the target country, purchasing preferences, socio-cultural structure, and demography, appropriate marketing activities that are applied to the right audience.


Customer Focused Marketing (CFM) is growing in importance day by day.

Knowing your customers and offering customized solutions is one of the most important steps to take for great customer experience. Analyzing the customers by data, learning their buying preferences, knowing which customers you can reach through which channels are the basics of customer-focused marketing. You can create a customized process with customized offers, specialized contents, and services provided depending on customer buying habits and preferences.


Providing Secure Payment Options is inevitable particularly for e-commerce companies. If your customers do not feel secure during the payment process, then all the processes that you've created may end up being worthless at this stage. Besides secure payment options, offering special payment methods, special offers and discounts, particularly for B2B customers are essential in the e-commerce world. Most of the e-commerce platforms offer a secure payment system. Benefiting from that service makes purchasing easier for B2B customers.


With Instant Customer Service, your customers can easily reach you whenever they need. Thus, in the case they face any kind of problem, you can handle the situation and offer solutions without your customers having to try reaching out to your company through different channels. You can support and help your customers on-line with a live support system and increase customer satisfaction.

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